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November 2017
November 2017


Year by year we are going back to visit this magical land and find time to drop by Marci’s lovely aunt & uncle who have a charming property with a little Hobbit house and a spectacular view of the lake Balaton and the Tihany peninsula. This autumn they gave their little cabin to us for a long weekend getaway from the city and crowd.


We had amazing luck with the weather, the first few days we could really enjoy the indian summer, we even got a slight tan while playing paddle (try to score even 10 while your partner is making you burst into laughter in every 5 seconds) and collecting colorful leaves and berries for our flatlay project. We are fond of creating such lay-outs, it’s like a boardgame for us, choosing a theme, collecting all the relevant stuff and connecting objects from the surroundings, then compose all the little details into a whole new, meaningful picture. It’s so much fun.



During the three days – taking advantage on the great weather – we were roving the surrounding hills and villages: we took a trip to the Koloska-valley, where we were feeding a dear and climbed up to enormous rocky cliffs; visited the Sajkod look-out tower, which was even though just about a km long walk, getting on the 70-degree uphill made us gasping a bit. At least the view was breathtaking as well from above.



We took our way to Tihany, which is one of my favourite places at the Balaton, with the little winding streets and the traditional handmade goods everywhere around always gives me a feeling that I am walking in a folk-tale brought to fruition. The history of the peninsula is remarkable, the founding charter of the Tihany abbey was the first existing record of the Hungarian language. The Tihany echo is famous as well – just don’t be surprised if you are hearing people randomly shouting hello out there. What is more, if you shout back, you will probably make those guys gratuitously happy about it.



On our last night we made a decent campfire to keep the wild boars away (they were many around – the fallen acorns lured them to our house so at nights we could hear them grunting) and to roast fat bacon, onion and sausage above the flames (it’s a Hungarian thing, we pull the ingredients on a skewer, grill them well, while grease freshly baked white bread slices with the overflowing fat, put red onion and a pinch of salt on the top, sided by tomatoes. It might sound a little bit odd, but it is very tasty, though not really a diet-friendly dinner option). The best was that we could see all the constellations above us while dining peacefully (so there were no wild boars disturbing us:).



Next day we packed our things with a slightly heavy heart, we had to leave behind this tranquil shelter and head back to the city. We do love Budapest, but sometimes it feels good to leave all the bustle behind, turn off (or at least not to answer right away) the phone, and get ourselves lost for a while in the nature and rural life.



Do you have a happy place like this?


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