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November 2017
January 2018


This craziness about street food came in a few years ago to Budapest, and we fell for it as well. Who wouldn’t like the tasty Italian pastries or the fusion Asian cuisine, not to mention the texmex. Here is a short list of those slightly forgotten or just-opened places where you will surely return.

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Is there anyone who hasn’t heard about the legendary Meat & Sauce yet? The place is famous for its special dipped sandwiches, so it’s not surprising that right away the opening, the queue was tailing back to have a bite of America. The menu and the daily offer guarantee the prime and fresh ingredients, additionally the important things  – the making of the sandwiches – are happening right in front of our eyes. It’s worth a visit any time of the day, it can really spice up the boring burger-pizza-hotdog line.

Find here: Nagymező st. 34.



In the heart of downtown, close to the Basilica you can find a cool texmex bar, the Burrita. If you are craving for a Mexican food, you should totally stop by, there is everything from burrito through enchilada to quesadilla. Unfortunately Salma Hayek does not work here, but anyway, the personnel is nice and thoughtful, which is a big plus, considering the lack of professionals in this area. I suggest you – if you’re not up for a tequila at midday – to try one of the fresh homemade lemonades right under the closest cactus.

Find here: Október 6. st. 6.



The thing is, that I’ve just recently found this tiny Italian restaurant, though it’s for a long while well-known among the people who are living in the district. Though I might have a soft spot for it, I have to say, the food tasted better here than most of the ones I ate on my last trip to Italy. During lunchtime, it’s usually crowded, but if we are lucky enough to get a table, the quality and the taste of the food will surely evoke a real Italian experience. The Vespas parking nearby just make it more authentic. It’s important to note, that for a classic lunch with friends or with family, the big brother Alessio is welcoming the guests with fresh ingredients and friendly service as well.

Find here: Hajós st. 3-15.



Good news that the Impostor is not just a place for partying, but you can try  Asian fusion food as well. The owners of this „tiny China” are cool, so there’s a chance to taste a bit of everything, even of the award-winning Japanese whiskeys and beers. Inside the shadowy quad, an authentic shiba inu was waiting for us, and listening to what we were saying about the dishes. My personal favorite, the pho with a bit of a spice and more of a filling. After a sip of a whiskey, the Bao became the highlight of the day with its flawless pastry. We will surely stop by the Bautiful again – with its program offers and Latin fusion creations this surrealistic place is calling us back.

Find here: Liberty square 17.



On a diet, you should probably avoid this one, because if you accidentally get here, you won’t leave without a few thousand of additional calorie. That familiar face from the television is the Tattooed Chef –a.k.a. Sera and Roland Urbán make sure to have the best BBQ experience ever. Heavenly pieces of meats lying in the smoker, kick-ass booze, taste-orgy experience. This is what the BpBarBq promises and performs fully. A Metallica T-shirt, tattoo, possibly a pimped chopper is suggested, but not mandatory. 🙂

Find here: Akácfa st. 24.

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