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Lately, Lake Bokod became a real spectacle – if you are a dedicated photographer, I bet you have already shot some pictures here – if not yet, I’m pretty sure sooner or later you will. This was the scene of the Utóélet, a Hungarian drama, and an actual commercial of New Zealand was taken place here as well.

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Many Hungarians relate to Lake Bokodi as the Hungarian Maldives in a big way, like you know, Lake Balaton is the Hungarian sea ..:) Even though this tiny village built on bollards are fascinating without doubt, still it has its controversial sides. If you type Lake Bokodi in Google, you can find amazing captures of it, but it is literally just one side of the story of the floating houses. Most of the pictures were taken from the same spot, so the huge pipe of the power station cannot be seen, even though it cuts the lake in half, and since there is no drainage system, the coast is cluttered with makeshift outside toilets.


The story of the lake has begun years after in 1961 when the thermal power station of Oroszlány was built. A cooling pond was needed, which shortly became a paradise for fishermen. They started to build their wooden huts on the lake so today they make up a whole little village of the floating houses. At first sight, the scenery of the power plant might be deterrent, but actually, it had many advantages on the surroundings. Because of the higher temperature of the water, a rich flora and fauna could evolve so the braver ones could dip in it even during winter. The lake is never frozen, its temperature is around 18 °C degrees in general. In 2015 the powerhouse was shut down, so there will be no smoke spouting from the chimney again.


I wasn’t expecting so many people around, still, there were plenty of them trying to record a dreamy picture of the place. Some came to take a walk and amaze the no ordinary view, but I was there to capture the sunset with my drone above the lake. The funny part is that just right before leaving home, I found the star of the above-mentioned commercial of New Zealand. In the scene, an elder man was talking about how cheap here the internet is. Well, I met with that man in person, and he even invited me to his gang-board and told me about his experiences of taking part in a foreign advertisement.


Bokod is really an awesome place which worth visiting at least once if you are around. It’s photogenic, not to mention that it’s cool to wander around and explore the different huts and boats on the wooden duck-boards which lead through the water.


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  1. Amelie says:

    I have never heard of Lake Bokodi before but I am seriously stunned.
    When I saw the pictures I truly understood, why this place is called the Maledives of Hungary.

    • travelised says:

      Funny part that we only discovered this place like 6 months ago .. It’s amazing how many beautiful places you might have in your own country that you have no clue about. 🙂

  2. Your photography is amazing!!!

  3. Such a gorgeous gem of a place, the photographs quite literally took my breath away!

  4. Stunning shots. I can imagine a drama being filmed there – one of those rugged ones about a detective, right? Looks like an interesting place to visit anyway.

    • travelised says:

      Thank you! Hahha, I could imagine something more sci-fi like, or mystical. When we were there I was waiting for Nessy to emerge from the lake 😀

  5. Resfebert says:

    I can see why people compare it to the Maldives but that kind of holiday is too boring for me. I like the look of this much much more! And you have photographed this so well.

    • travelised says:

      I can see your point, I’d as well choose something more adventurous activity than laying all day on the beach, though for sure it has its own beauty. 🙂
      Thanks, we tried to capture the vibes of this place.

  6. Eloise says:

    This place is stunning. I can’t believe it’s the first time I hear about it. I love your photos. The lines must have been a pleasure to play with. The thermal station isn’t the best feature in the background but well, if I understood well, the place wouldn’t exist if the power station wasn’t there in the first place to need the pond… so I should actually like it 😀

    • travelised says:

      It’s kind of a hidden treasure. 🙂 Thanks! Yes, you got it well! 😀 but now that the thermal station has been shut down, I don’t know what we can expect to happen with the lake.

  7. Marquita says:

    These photos are amazing. The scenery does give a Maldives vibe with a Hungarian taste. Love it!

    • travelised says:

      Right? and you can even dip in the lake, it’s so clean and warm all year long. Thanks 🙂

  8. Rachelle says:

    Wow, Lake Bokodi is stunning! It just looks like it’s begging to be photographed from every angle. I’m going to be in this part of the world later this fall and might need to make a stop in Hungary! I’d love to take the time to walk along each of the paths, checking out all of the different huts!

    • travelised says:

      Hello Rachelle, yeah, you are right! It’s more than photogenic!:D If you are around Hungary and you need some tips where to go & what to see, feel free to send us a message 🙂 and enjoy your time here!

  9. I hadn’t heard of Lake Bokodi before but I am absolutely loving the story of how those “hand-like” jetties and huts came to be built there and how beautiful your photos are!

    • travelised says:

      Yeah there is something charming in the story of this little village built on bollards. 🙂 we’re happy you enjoyed reading it, and thanks for the compliment! 🙂

  10. Jas says:

    Gosh your photos are just absolutely stunning! I’ve never heard of this place but it’s definitely been added to my bucket list. Thanks so much for introducing me to this beauty and loved the little story behind it too!

    • travelised says:

      Oh, thank you 🙂 Glad to hear that we made you curious about this place 😀 It is definitely worth to visit!

  11. That’s the first time I’m hearing about Lake Bokodi and it was super interesting to read the story behind this place. I’ve never been to Hungary but love to see more of this country. Great shots too – thanks for sharing!

    • travelised says:

      Yeah, it’s not that popular yet, more like a secret gem, but it’s close to Budapest so people will discover it sooner or later 🙂 We’ll post more about Hungary soon, there are many interesting places around here ^^ thanks for your thoughts!

  12. David A says:

    I have never heard of Lake Bokodi either but, WOW oh Wow have you captured it’s side of beauty

  13. Claire says:

    Wow, this place is so beautiful! You have really found an undiscovered gem here, this is going to be massive! Looks so tranquil and serene, just wow!

  14. Wow, this place looks absolutely unreal! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I had no idea it existed!

    • travelised says:

      Happy to hear you liked it! 🙂 We’d like to show how beautiful places exist hidden in Hungary.

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