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June 2018


We tried the Samsung Galaxy S9+ in such circumstances, the majority of the phones would have failed. When the sun goes down and the blue hour comes most of the cells strike the flag and they are not able to make an insta-worthy picture. We were curious to know how the Samsung mobile would perform.

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August 20th is our national holiday, which we celebrate with fireworks, music and many people on the streets all over the country. This year we found the perfect sport for the watching the celebration. Near the Danube River and the place from where they shoot the fireworks we climbed on a rooftop and shared this grandiose moment with friends. So we tried to capture the sparks and the lights with the phone and the result turned out to be quite surprising. It looked great on the screen, and also on a bigger monitor, it seemed good. This mobile beats an older compact camera for sure.


It is worth trying the other creative features of the S9+ as well. For example the timelapse: our favorite bridge in Budapest is the Széchenyi Chain Bridge – one of the most emblematic places of the city. We recorded this magical video of turning the lights on when the day turned into an evening.


Even though we are in the middle of September now, the Indian summer keep continues in Hungary. Our best memories of this period are the stargazing ones: we loved looking up and searching for shooting stars during the clear, stellated nights. Our secret observatory point is at the edge of Budapest. In the district 16, there is an abandoned airport, where you can watch the stars calmly, far from the noise and the light pollution of the city. From time to time, we made a picnic on the top of our car, and once we tried how we can capture the mood of the night with the S9+. Here you can see the results. Would you guess it was made with a smartphone?


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