We are Anna & Marci, welcome to our site of travel adventures, where we are sharing some of our most unforgettable moments and stories through words and vision, offering guides and reports, advices and tips about where to go and what to do in our spectacular hometown, Budapest, and as well as in the great big world. Our story is not an ordinary ‘love at the first sight’ one, actually we differ in many things - Marci is a succesful photographer-blogger with a busy mind, I am a psychologist and a crafter, driven mostly by my feelings and intuition - but the passion for discovery, the love of the outdoors, and the enjoyment of creation connects us deeply. And so much laughter together ...

We like climbing hilltops to get the best vantage point of the surroundings, flying a drone and watching the cityscape from above, tasting different types of cuisine, and cruising downtown on our electric boards.

When we are not at home enjoying all that Budapest has to offer, we can either be found somewhere up in the mountains, taking untrodden tracks, or on the road from one city to another, exploring the sights which come by while listening to (and singing out loud) our favourite runaway/roadtrip songs. Come and join the ride!


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