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November 2017
December 2017
November 2017

Badacsony is a real gem on the north shore of Lake Balaton. If you need an escape from the everyday life and just want to relax or clear your mind out a bit, this place is a perfect choice for that. The surrounding basalt mountains offer a great hiking opportunity, no matter which one you’ll choose to get on the top, the view from there will surely leave you speechless. Every one of them is a perfect vantage point to observe all the green, tended vineyards and the several sailing boats on the lake on their voyage. The best thing is that if you get closer to all of this magic, it won’t disappear: the water is lukewarm and clear, the wine from the cellars are great and definitely worth to taste.

Balaton has a thousand faces, but for me Badacsony is one of the most beautiful ones - even though the guidebooks only mention it in a footnote, there are much things to explore and amaze there.

All the four seasons offer great opportunities to visit the Hungarian Sea, each one will unfold a different story - during the summer you can dip in the lake, then sunbath on the greenery shore, play ludo and table tennis or with the ducks - for some bread-crumb they even come to you near at hand. When getting hungry lángos (a special deep fried flat bread) is the ultimate beach food with sour cream and grated cheese on the top. The autumn is perfect for hiking on the nearby hills, getting lost in the pure nature which at that time coruscating in all the shades of brown and red. There are also many ruins from the past centuries which are awaiting to be explored. Spring is a good time for sailing on any kind of boat on the softly rippling water and at winter time, you can skate on the never-ending field of ice which covers the whole Balaton.

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