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November 2017
November 2017
November 2017

L iving in Budapest is a dream come true and I live my everyday life in it. Many times I forget how lucky I am that I was born here. Whenever I look outside from my balcony, I take a deep breath and inhale the true European lifestyle, even though we position ourselves slightly on the East with all of its joy and pain.

The daily rush, those wasted hours when sitting in the middle of a traffic jam can make one forget where he is living, though he should appreciate all the pretty little things he is surrounded by. Then once, when we are the least aware, will see the beauty around us. After long nights out, when I walk home by myself, I can realize those things: it only takes one glance at the Buda castle, and another at the Chain Bridge. There are some moments when you feel like the time has stopped, and the history and culture are right in front of you in all of their glory.

Big words for a small city, but believe me, the makings and the experience what Budapest can offer will grab hold of the unsuspicious tourist. Though I was thinking about leaving this town, I always realized that this casket of Europe is a miracle for others, so I should rather value all the rain washed cobbles.

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