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December 2017
November 2017

N ew York, the Big Apple - I arrived suspensefully and with a lot of expectation to the City. It wasn’t difficult at all to find my way in the crowd, I immediately recognized those little local colors which I have seen many times in movies before: the uniform of the policemen, the criss-cross metro lines, and the yellow cabs. Such a huge city cannot be anything else but colorful, inside-out diversified and fascinating, but in a different way I used to imagine. The buildings, the people from different cultures and their traditional foods on the streets completed the experience. Everybody can find something which he is fond of: from the crowded Time Square, through the Broadway, till the quiet streets of Manhattan and the wildness of Brooklyn. Working out in New York is quite cool, but gaining all the weight back is super easy – getting out from the pizza-hot dog- donut triangle is really not a piece of cake. When the night comes, the whole place becomes a little bit like Gotham city with the Brooklyn Bridge in the center, though it might just be my batman fanaticism which is speaking right now.

The city has a thousand faces, including the people, the cars, the shops and even the architecture. Everyone can find what they are searching for, and to top it all, superheroes appear on the way.

New York does not sleep. In Manhatten the stores are open 24/7, the lights never go out, and the people drop off to sleep after midnight, it doesn’t matter if it’s a weekday or at the weekend. The far side of the city reveals itself.

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